Little Donnie Trump’s year one Report Card

Economics–I (Little Donnie inherited Obama’s economic upturn)

Wall Building–F

Wall Financing–F (Both Mexico and Congress refuse to pay)

Healthcare reform–F (Obamacare remains in effect)

Swamp Draining–W (Little Donnie withdrew from class prior to his inauguration because he imported conservative snakes, lizards and gators during the transition)

Tax reform–I (Incomplete because it will take several years before the tax cuts yield results)

Foreign Policy–F (Whether seeking travel bans against Muslims that drew enmity across the globe, to seeking to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem to the ire of Palestinians, to calling Haiti, African and Latin American nations “shit-hole countries,” to insulting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by calling him “rocket man” and hinting at a desire to engage in nuclear war on the Korean peninsula, Little Donnie, a draft dodger who all of a sudden wants to act tough at age 71, is making America less safe and less influential on the global stage).

The “Vision thing”–F

History–F (Andrew Jackson was a genocidal racist, Frederick Douglass is long dead, Confederate leaders and soldiers were neither good people nor heroic, and Ronald Reagan signed the MLK holiday into law in the mid 80s contrary to Trump’s beliefs)

Playing nice in the sandbox with world leaders–F

Bipartisan consensus–F

Inspiring Americans during crises–F (From domestic terrorism to natural disasters to battle deaths, Little Donnie lacks empathy)

Language Arts–F (Little Donnie has a below grade level vocabulary, struggles to read from the teleprompter, has poor spelling skills, and he struggles mightily with subject-verb agreement via Twitter).

Health–F (Little Donnie is likely 6’1 and 285-300 lbs, but he has intimidated his doctor into writing that he is 6’3 and 239 lbs to avoid being labeled “obese.”)

Donald Trump - Celebrity Style

Attendance-Little Donnie is tardy each day, showing up at 11 am after watching TV each morning. Trump has spent more time on the golf course than any of his predecessors during their first year in office.

Conduct–Unsatisfactory (From lying about everything including policy issues and his personal health, to attacking political friends and foes alike with middle school taunts and name calling, to meddling into Bob Mueller’s investigations, to using both latent and overtly racist and/or bigoted language towards Blacks, Latinos and Muslims, Little Donnie, who’s doctor claims is mentally competent, simply is a pompous, ill-mannered jerk).

Cum GPA: 0.0 on a 4.0 scale. Little Donnie would make the Delta Fraternity members from “Animal House” very proud. But as Dean Wormer reminded “Flounder” in that movie, lest Little Donnie forget that “fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”