When weak Black men kill strong Black women

My anger with toxic masculinity has morphed into apoplexy this morning after learning that at the center of yesterday’s hospital shooting in Chicago was yet another domestic violence situation turned deadly.

The top row in the picture below depicts three talented, successful and beautiful Black women who have been killed over the past six weeks by the Black or Black-ish men depicted on the bottom row. Men who, at some point, “claimed” to love these women.


I invoke their names (top, from left): Dr. Tamara O’Neal, Angela Bledsoe, and Aisha Fraser Mason. The latter two were both alums of my graduate school alma mater, Florida A&M University. This morning, even in my anger at these senseless deaths,  I pray for their families, friends, and colleagues who will endure this holiday season–and every season hereafter–without their physical presence. A void, mind you, that is due to the evil and selfish acts of the three obdurate souls whose obsession with control turned into murder and mayhem.

Men, the fault in these and similar murders lies squarely upon the trifling ass men doing the killing, and a culture that promotes gun and other forms of predominantly male violence in various ways.

In my estimation, nothing, I mean NOTHING, that happens in a relationship warrants a woman being stabbed or shot multiple times in their homes or at their places of employment. Neither arguments, nor infidelity, or lack of sexual passion in the home grant ANY “man” a license to kill any woman.  In my opinion, a “man” who cannot subdue or level his passions is no man at all and trust you, me, when I tell you as a veteran lawyer that the majority of “men” like these ones pictured above are not “crazy,” they simply are controlling, manipulative, murderous malcontents who pop off and abuse women on the regular.

To that end, it is up to real men who are disgusted by these trends to step to their male kin, friends, frat brothers, lodge brothers and colleagues who exhibit the same warning signs as the three unnamed killers shown here, and check their evil selves with words, religious texts, or pushes toward counseling or mental health treatment, if needed.

We at Hobbservation Point pray that these three Sisters rest in eternal peace…