Why I won’t “give Trump a chance”

There are those who come on my public Facebook or Twitter posts or who slide into my social media inboxes who ask me to “just give Donald Trump a chance.”

My reply: “Hell nawl!”

While I have made an extensive record over the past year as to why Trump is not qualified for his position, the greatest reason to me is because Trump does not hide the fact that he is a racist and a bigot. His five minute meetings with black entertainers, athletes, and even HBCU presidents do not absolve a lifetime of racial discrimination by his real estate companies, his strong advocacy for the death penalty for five young black men falsely accused of raping a white woman in NYC in ’89, or his smearing of former President Barack Obama as being a Kenyan and not an American. His appointment of the culturally illiterate Ben Carson as Secretary of Ghetto Affairs (Housing and Urban Development) does not assuage the tone deafness that he routinely shows towards “The Blacks.” His #MuslimBan continues to be stalled in the courts because rational judges have been able to peer deeply beneath Trump’s irrational “national security” smokescreen to peep his religious and cultural biases.

Again, while I have written about all of this myriad times before only to have trolls and the willfully blind foolishly still ask in Rumpelstiltskin form “but Hobbs, where is your proof that Trump is a racist,” well, when I arose and read that Trump paid homage and likened himself to former President Andrew Jackson last night, such provides even more proof that this current so-called president is an evil man who must be resisted. It was Jackson who advocated for the Indian Removal Act that led to the Trail of Tears, where tens of thousands of Native Americans died as the American government stole their lands and forced them to move from the southeast to the mid and far west.

It was Jackson whose Hermitage Plantation was one of the largest cotton plantations in Tennessee and by the time of his death in 1845, “Ol’ Hickory” owned 150 black men, women and children. Jackson was a wicked Hellion, one whose bigotry against blacks and Native Americans was so pronounced that there have been movements to remove his name from places of honor and even the 20 dollar bill, and yet here is Trump praising his name and claiming to be his ideological descendant.

As such, there is no “chance” to be given to this cretin, and when i hear or read someone white defending such actions, I know off top that such person is a racist bigot, too. And when I hear or read someone black or of another racial minority defending such conduct, I know that the same are either clueless or they are self hating, boot licking sycophants seeking to bolster their personal interests while genuflecting at the altar of a man who is of the same ilk as Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson, two of the most openly racist presidents to hold the office.

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