Disturbing new video of George Floyd’s arrest reminds why Black Lives Matter

We protest…We march…We kneel…We litigate…We agitate…We vote…We raise our collective voices to reform policing in America because this disturbing video of George Floyd’s arrest reminds us that we do not live under martial law where the police can harass and kill with impunity:

Video courtesy Daily Mail

“Equal Justice Under the Law” should mean that Black Lives Matter, too!

The BLM movement has never been about disrespecting a Flag that Black service members defended even during the worst days of slavery and Jim Crow under it, or about disrespecting armed forces that are heavily filled with Black soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. No, the protests and the slogan have always been about police officers and vigilantes who serve as judge, jury, and executioners of unarmed Black citizens. Indeed, there should be NO debate in America about the need to eliminate police brutality–period!

Lest we forget…

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